Strength & Conditioning: The Key to Elevating Your Golf Game.

60-minute coach-led CrossFit class

constantly varied functional movements

Programming delivered daily

Build strength, skills, and fitness

Scaled to all ability levels

friendly & welcoming environment

Strength & Conditioning Classes for Golf

Strength & conditioning

At The Training Design, we recognise that golf is more than just a game of skill; it’s a sport demanding physical prowess. Our tailored weightlifting program for golfers bridges the gap between the fairway and the gym.

Weightlifting for Golf

Our approach is not about bulking up, but rather enhancing the specific muscle groups crucial for golf. By focusing on core stability, lower body strength, and rotational power, we ensure your body is as prepared as your swing.

Our expert coaches, with their deep understanding of golf mechanics, guide you through exercises that directly translate to improved drive distance, swing consistency, and injury prevention. Embrace a stronger version of yourself and see a transformative impact on your game.

What Are The Benefits of Strength & Conditioning for Golfers

Incorporating strength and conditioning into your golf routine is a game-changer. At The Training Design, we’ve crafted a program that delivers tangible benefits on and off the course.

Firstly, improved muscular strength enhances your swing speed, translating to longer drives. Secondly, a stronger body means greater endurance, allowing you to maintain peak performance throughout your round. Thirdly, our focus on functional fitness increases flexibility and range of motion, crucial for a fluid, powerful swing. Additionally, a well-conditioned body is less prone to the common injuries associated with golf, such as lower back pain.

Our comprehensive approach not only elevates your game but also enriches your overall health and well-being. Experience the difference strength and conditioning can make, and let us help you unlock your full potential as a golfer.

Strength & Conditioning Methodology

At The Training Design, our strength and conditioning methodology is rooted in science and tailored for golfers. We blend traditional weightlifting with innovative training techniques to create a holistic program. Our methodology focuses on developing explosive power, crucial for driving the ball further.

We also emphasise balance and stability exercises, which are key to a consistent and accurate swing. Mobility work is integrated to enhance flexibility, reducing the risk of injury and improving swing mechanics. Our experienced coaches monitor your progress, ensuring exercises are performed with proper form and technique, maximising effectiveness while minimising risk.

We offer a supportive, community-driven environment where every golfer, regardless of their fitness level, can thrive. Join us at The Training Design, and let’s elevate your golf game through expertly designed strength and conditioning.