Pilates & Yoga Mobility

Yoga & Pilates

A harmonious blend of strength, flexibility, and mindful movement.

60-minute coach-led class

constantly varied functional movements

Programming delivered daily

Build strength, skills, and fitness

Scaled to all ability levels

friendly & welcoming environment

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Yoga & Pilates Chelmsford

Our Yoga Mobility Classes provide a guided session where participants practise postures and exercises from both disciplines. Yoga promotes holistic wellness and mental balance, while Pilates focuses on strengthening the core and enhancing physical fitness.

Pilates Sessions

At The Training Design, our pilates classes provide the ultimate functional mobility experience.

Based in the heart of Chelmsford, we’re more than just another gym; we’re a transformative space, dedicated to refining your physique and increasing your core strength.

Catering to all, from complete beginners to advanced enthusiasts, our highly experienced coaches conduct routines that not only enhance flexibility but also fortify muscles. Gain strength and flexibility through the precise methods taught by our expert instructors.

Yoga Sessions

Step into our serene space and embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Yoga classes.

Whether you’re delving into yoga for the first time or enhancing your existing practice, The Training Design guarantees an enriching experience. Located in Chelmsford, our classes go beyond typical mobility workouts.

We combine old traditions and new methods to blend mental focus with physical strength. Each session is meticulously crafted to increase flexibility, promoting holistic wellness. Under the guidance of our seasoned instructors, discover the transformative power of Yoga, tailored to your individual needs.

What Are The Benefits of Yoga & Pilates?

Beyond mere workouts to increase flexibility, Yoga and Pilates offer a range of health benefits. Both disciplines cultivate a resilient core, enhancing stability and posture.

Whereas Yoga fortifies mental resilience, grounding practitioners in the present, Pilates sharpens bodily alignment, fostering muscular efficiency. Together, they form a symbiotic relationship, equipping individuals with mental clarity and physical agility.

At The Training Design, we recognise this dual power, striving to enhance these benefits for our members, ensuring optimal wellness.

Yoga & Pilates Methodology

The Training Design in Chelmsford offers a unique Yoga and Pilates approach. While we respect traditional methods, we also embrace new techniques. Our methods are accurate and easy to follow.

Every move and pose is done for a reason, making sure you get the best results and stay safe. We believe that understanding the basics, whether you’re new to Pilates or advanced in Yoga, is key to getting better.

Join us to see how traditional knowledge meets modern skills to help you improve. Contact us today for more information.

Improved Cardiovascular System – Yoga sequences elevate heart rate, benefiting the cardiovascular system.

Improved Blood Circulation – Through deep breathing and poses, yoga boosts blood flow.

Injury Rehabilitation –Yoga’s gentle stretches aid in healing and strengthening injured areas.

Improved Flexibility – Pilates stretches and lengthens muscles, enhancing flexibility.

Increased Muscle Strength – Targeted exercises in Pilates boost muscle tone and strength.

Improved Posture – Pilates emphasises alignment, leading to a more upright posture.