Female Gym & Fitness Classes for Women in Chelmsford

Female Fitness Classes

Welcome to The Training Design: Where Women's Fitness Journeys Begin.

60-minute coach-led Classes

constantly varied functional movements

Programming delivered daily

Build strength, skills, and fitness

Scaled to all ability levels

friendly & welcoming environment

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Female-Led Classes

At The Training Design, we specialise in female-led gym classes, tailored to empower women in Chelmsford. Our approach combines expertise and a welcoming atmosphere, led by experienced female coaches. Discover a gym where your fitness goals are understood and nurtured.

Female Crossfit Classes Near Me

Crossfit Classes for Women

Step into our dedicated Crossfit zone, a space where women’s strength and fitness take centre stage. Here at The Training Design, Crossfit isn’t just a workout; it’s a lifestyle embraced in a supportive, female-focused environment.

Our classes, guided by top-tier female CrossFit coaches, blend high-intensity functional movements with a team spirit, ensuring each session empowers and challenges you. Whether you’re a CrossFit veteran or new to the discipline, join us to experience how we redefine fitness for women.

Female S&C Classes Near Me

Strength & Conditioning Classes for Women

Empower your fitness journey with our Strength & Conditioning classes, specifically crafted for women. At The Training Design, we understand the unique fitness needs of women.

Our classes, led by professional female personal trainers, focus on building strength, enhancing endurance, and promoting overall physical well-being. Each session is a blend of rigorous training and personal attention, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals in a motivating and supportive atmosphere. Join us and experience the transformation.

Female Boxing Classes Near Me

Boxing Classes for Women

Join the ring at The Training Design with our Boxing classes, led by none other than Lucy Wildheart, a celebrated female professional boxer. These classes are an exclusive opportunity for women to delve into the world of boxing under expert guidance.

Lucy’s approach intertwines technique, strength, and mental resilience, creating a unique and empowering experience. Perfect for those looking to enhance fitness, learn self-defence, or immerse in the dynamic nature of boxing, our sessions offer a safe, energetic, and supportive environment. Step into Lucy’s class and embrace the power of women’s boxing.