open gym in chelmsford

open gym

Open gym means customers can come to our facility and work out any time we’re open

access to whole gym outside of class time

access to 1st floor of gym during class time

a range of resistance machines

kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells & more free weight equipment

full rig with squat racks, bars & olympic hoops

assault bikes, curved treadmills, rowing machines & more cardio equipment

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access to our facilities outside of classes

While we appreciate this may make it sound like any other gym, or every other gym for that matter, it is genuinely another thing that makes The Training Design a little different.

Most other CrossFit gyms don’t offer that option. We do and that’s what sets us apart from other gyms in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

chelmsford open gym

why do we offer open gym access?

Open Gym is important to us and to our customers too. That opportunity, to extend your workout, to practice those skills you’re learning when you start in this sport – it is rare.

Not only can it make you a more rounded cross-fitter, but it also means that you can be sure that TTD supports you whatever your fitness goals. No longer do you need a CrossFit membership and a gym membership at another ‘normal’ gym. With us, you get it all.

We have excellent coaches and facilities but to offer open gym too has seen many describe us as “the best gym in Chelmsford”.

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open gym equipment

If you are looking for a gym in Chelmsford that takes care of all your needs, the training design is for you. Our gym is sporting a range of high-spec equipment, and not just functional fitness/CrossFit centric. We have conventional resistance machines, cardio equipment and free weights.

  • Power racks
  • Olympic barbells and all the weight you could ever need.
  • Weightlifting platforms
  • An array of resistance machines that leave no muscle untouched.
  • lat pull-downs / low row
  • Cable machines,
  • Reverse hyper
  • Hack squats
  • Assisted dip and pull-up, 
  • Leg extension/curl
  • Incline chest press 
  • Shoulder press
  • Free weights, 
  • Air bikes, Rowing machines, ski ergs, air runners, and C2 bikes 

best gym in chelmsford

the best of both worlds

As our name suggests we know how to design training sessions. If you are trying to develop a specific skill or have fitness/strength-related goals, we can write you training programs that are delivered through our app with video demonstrations and access to your coach. 

At The Training Design, you have the best of both worlds, a class environment for hands-on coaching, then full access to our open gym to work on specific skills of your choice with an option to have a program designed for your goals.